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FBR Extends Deadline for Sales Tax Return Submission by Four Days

FBR Extends Deadline for Sales Tax Return Submission by Four Days

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has announced a four-day extension for the submission of tax returns, providing taxpayers with additional time to fulfill their obligations. The new deadline for the submission of sales tax and federal excise returns is April 22, extended from the previous deadline of April 18.

This extension aims to alleviate any potential pressure on taxpayers and enable them to gather necessary documents and submit accurate returns. By streamlining the tax filing process and offering a revised submission timeline, the FBR seeks to enhance compliance and facilitate taxpayers in meeting their tax obligations effectively.

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The Inland Revenue chief commissioner has instructed all field formations of the FBR to ensure widespread dissemination of information regarding the extended deadline and to oversee compliance with the revised timeline.

Taxpayers are urged to seize this opportunity and submit their returns promptly to avoid any penalties or legal ramifications. The FBR remains dedicated to supporting taxpayers and fostering voluntary tax compliance to bolster the country’s revenue generation endeavors.