FBR Initiates Pursuit of Non-Filer Government Officials, Bankers, and Bureaucrats

Web DeskDecember 12, 2023
FBR Initiates Pursuit of Non-Filer Government Officials, Bankers, and Bureaucrats

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has launched a robust campaign targeting individuals occupying senior roles in bureaucratic hierarchies, financial institutions, public sector entities, and regulatory organizations who have not fulfilled their obligation to file tax returns.

Simultaneously, the FBR is actively pursuing stringent actions against senior executives within financial institutions who exhibit non-compliance with tax filing protocols.

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This aggressive pursuit of tax compliance began with an internal initiative within the FBR, aimed at enforcing and ensuring tax return filing among its own workforce. Looking ahead, the FBR has set its sights on extending this enforcement to encompass senior government officials spanning across ministries, divisions, and government departments to mandate compliance with tax return filing.

In an attempt to catalyze compliance, the FBR previously established a deadline of December 6, 2023, for tax officers holding positions of BS-17 and above, requiring them to furnish the board with a certificate validating the electronic filing of their returns. Encouragingly, a significant number of tax officials have adhered to this mandate, submitting their certificates for income tax return filing.

However, despite the deadline for income tax return filing closing on October 31, 2023, a noteworthy proportion of Inland Revenue officials had failed to meet the specified timeframe set by the FBR for filing their income tax returns.

The FBR’s relentless pursuit of tax compliance among high-ranking officials and professionals underscores a pivotal drive toward fiscal accountability. This effort not only aims to enforce adherence to tax regulations but also seeks to fortify the culture of financial responsibility and compliance within the corridors of power and financial institutions across the country. As the campaign unfolds, it stands as a testament to the FBR’s commitment to fostering a robust fiscal ecosystem built on transparency and accountability.

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