Fewer Overseas Players in New Franchise T20 Leagues

Web DeskJuly 14, 2023
Fewer Overseas Players in New Franchise T20 Leagues

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has accepted a new guideline limiting the number of overseas players in T20 leagues worldwide.

Each cricketing league will be allowed a maximum of four overseas players and up to seven local players, including Associate players, according to the law

The decision was made via votes by cricket chief executives, with the goal of balancing the promotion of local talent with the attraction of foreign stars.

Existing tournaments like as the MLC, ILT20, and GLT20 will eventually have to conform to the new limits, which now allow for more than four international players.

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Leagues will also be compelled to pay a 10% release fee to players’ home boards. The implementation timeline will be chosen on a case-by-case basis.

The concept was initially opposed by the BCCI, NZC, BCB, and SLC, but the PCB, CWI, CA, CI, and ECB supported the new regulation in order to save local talented players.

This policy represents a crucial step toward ensuring a balance of local and international talent in T20 leagues, thereby promoting global cricket growth.

The ILT20 allows nine foreign players, the MLC six, and the GLT20 five foreign players from Full Member countries, with a minimum of three local players.



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