FIA Conducts Raid on Customs Inspector’s Residence, Seizes Four Non-Customs Vehicles and Valuable

Web DeskSeptember 21, 2023

On Wednesday, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) raided a Customs Inspector’s home in Hyderabad. Four high-value non-customs-paid automobiles, guns, and money were found during the operation in the city’s Heeraabad neighborhood.

The inquiry is still ongoing, and the customs inspector is being held in custody. Due to the discovery of 19 short guns, 33 rifles, pistols, and ammo during the raid, charges have been brought against the inspector. Four unpaid automobiles for customs, one kilogram of gold jewelry, Rs500,000 in cash, and a number of priceless stuffed animals were also seized.

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Authorities have stated that the probe will establish whether customs inspectors were involved in illegal actions. Momin Shah, a customs officer, is the target of a case and the FIA has initiated an investigation into the matter.

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