Foreign Ministry Highlights Disappointing Progress on Istanbul Agreements.

Web DeskJuly 18, 2023

Russian Foreign Ministry Criticizes Implementation of Istanbul Agreements on Ukrainian Food and Fertilizer Exports. In a recent statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed disappointment with the progress made in implementing the agreements signed in Istanbul a year ago. The Black Sea Initiative, aimed at promoting Ukrainian food and Russian ammonia exports, did not achieve its humanitarian objectives as intended.

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The ministry highlighted that Ukrainian food exports were primarily transacted on a commercial basis, benefiting high-income countries and Western corporations, rather than reaching countries in need. The Russia-UN Memorandum, which aimed to promote Russian food products and fertilizers, faced obstacles due to ongoing sanctions imposed by Western countries. The ministry raised concerns about the failure to fulfill the objectives outlined in the agreements and expressed Russia’s decision to revoke its participation in the Black Sea Initiative. It called on European countries to show solidarity and address the issue of Ukrainian food exports through land corridors. The ministry also urged Western capitals to lift sanctions on Russian fertilizers and food to pave the way for the resumption of the deal.

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