Former Coach Reveals Why Cristiano Ronaldo Is ‘Number 1’

Web DeskDecember 7, 2023
Former Coach Reveals Why Cristiano Ronaldo Is 'Number 1'

Cristiano Ronaldo, considered one of the football greats, is often compared to Lionel Messi, sparking ongoing debates about who is the best. While opinions on the matter vary, there’s a widespread agreement that Ronaldo is distinguished by his discipline and high professional standards.

Andrea Pirlo, the coach of Juventus during the 2020-2021 season, had the opportunity to work with Ronaldo. Across his three years at Juventus (2018-2021), Ronaldo significantly enhanced the club’s reputation and doubled its social media following from 50 million to 113 million followers.

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Although Ronaldo didn’t secure a UEFA Champions League title during his time at Juventus, he did lead the team to two Serie A league titles in three seasons. Pirlo, reflecting on coaching Ronaldo, emphasized the Portuguese star’s dedication and professionalism. According to Pirlo, coaching Ronaldo provided insights into why he is considered the world’s best, citing Ronaldo as an exemplary professional in all aspects, from his approach to nutrition and recovery to his commitment in training.

Ronaldo’s impact extended beyond the field, contributing to Juventus’ revenue growth. In his first season, the club’s revenue increased by €58 million ($68.4 million) from various sources, including the stadium, commercial deals, and merchandising. Additionally, Ronaldo’s presence led to the renegotiation of existing deals with sponsors Jeep and Adidas, resulting in significant increases from $20 million to $49.5 million for Jeep and from $27 million to $60 million for Adidas.

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