Free Massages Now at Islamabad Airport!

Web DeskDecember 31, 2023
Free Massages Now at Islamabad Airport!

The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) has taken a stride towards enhancing traveler comfort by introducing massage chairs in both the domestic and international departure lounges at Islamabad International Airport. This initiative aims to offer an added layer of convenience to departing passengers, setting Islamabad Airport apart from numerous global counterparts by providing this service completely free of charge.

The inauguration of these massage chairs, a significant endeavor led by the Chief Operating Officer/Airport Manager, underscores the commitment of PCAA to exceed passenger expectations. The introduction of these amenities aligns with the overarching goal of ensuring a comfortable and satisfying travel experience for all passengers passing through Islamabad International Airport.

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The move not only prioritizes passenger comfort but also represents a commitment to continuously improving airport services. By introducing these massage chairs, Islamabad Airport aspires to elevate its standards and set a benchmark for passenger-centric facilities.

In addition to the introduction of massage chairs, a complimentary tea stall has been established, offering free service to passengers. This thoughtful addition not only enhances passenger comfort but also contributes to the overall ambiance of the departure lounges, creating a more inviting and pleasant atmosphere for travelers.

The introduction of these complimentary amenities marks a significant step forward in Islamabad International Airport’s efforts to create an environment that goes beyond mere functionality, prioritizing passenger satisfaction and comfort throughout their travel journey. This initiative aligns with PCAA’s broader mission to continually enhance the quality of services provided at Islamabad International Airport.

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