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Freelancers Call for Government-Association Collaboration to Ensure Success of IT Park

Freelancers Call for Government-Association Collaboration to Ensure Success of IT Park

In a significant development hailed by the Pakistan Freelancers Association (PAFLA) and industry experts, the approval for Pakistan’s largest Information Technology (IT) park in Islamabad is expected to benefit approximately 6,000 freelancers. Calling for government collaboration to optimize resources and address IT challenges, they emphasize the need for freelancer-friendly facilities and streamlined bureaucratic processes.


The recent approval by the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) aims to enhance freelancers’ skills and contribute substantially to the national economy through IT services. However, stakeholders stress the importance of consulting with organizations like PAFLA and the Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA) to navigate the project effectively and ensure it meets freelancer needs while avoiding bureaucratic hurdles.

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According to PAFLA Chairman Ibrahim Amin, skilled freelancers play a crucial role in securing business opportunities and contributing to the national economy. While the government has made efforts to address challenges such as limited internet connectivity and electricity supply, more measures are needed to support foreign exchange earners. Amin commends recent initiatives allowing freelancers to retain foreign currency earnings and establishing freelancer workspaces like the IT park to mitigate challenges.

Freelancer Coach Khawaja Fahad Shakeel highlights payment delays, limited access to international clients, and inadequate online payment methods as key challenges faced by freelancers. He suggests collaboration with financial regulators and international partners to enhance access to online payment platforms and calls for government support in marketing and networking skills development.

IT Analyst Muhammad Yasir underscores the need for freelancers to adapt to emerging technologies like AI to efficiently complete projects. He stresses the importance of mastering policies and strategies for attracting clients and maintaining a positive reputation in the evolving freelance landscape. Overall, there is a consensus on the importance of government support and collaborative efforts to address challenges and empower freelancers in Pakistan’s burgeoning IT industry.