From Pakistan to the USA: “Taliban’s Favorite” Sneakers Become Unlikely Bestsellers

Web DeskSeptember 11, 2023

In a curious turn of events, an American clothing and apparel company, Americana Pipedream, has entered the spotlight by marketing Pakistani sneakers in the United States under the catchy moniker, the “Taliban’s Favorite.” These sneakers, intriguingly, are produced in Pakistan by the renowned shoe manufacturer Servis. The story behind these unlikely bestsellers sheds light on a fascinating intersection of fashion, marketing, and international conflict.

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The tale begins with Servis, a storied shoemaker hailing from Pakistan with a history dating back to World War II. During the war, Servis was tasked with producing boots for the British Military, establishing its reputation as a reliable footwear manufacturer. Over the years, the company expanded its offerings, venturing into various shoe categories, including the iconic White Cheetah high-top sneakers.

Americana Pipedream, the American company in question, chose to market the White Cheetah high-tops as the “Taliban’s Favorite.” This curious branding decision stems from reports suggesting that Afghan Taliban members indeed favor these sneakers. According to Americana Pipedream, US troops were once instructed to exercise caution around individuals sporting White Cheetah high-tops during NATO’s invasion of Afghanistan, as these individuals were presumed to be Taliban fighters.

While some may view Americana Pipedream’s branding as a clever marketing tactic aimed at capturing the attention of US consumers, an intriguing piece of evidence lends credibility to the claim. In January 2021, The New York Times featured a photograph showcasing Afghan Taliban members donning the exact same Pakistan-made sneakers, complete with the caption, “Members of the Taliban wearing Cheetahs, a sneaker made in Pakistan.” This revelation adds an unexpected layer of authenticity to Americana Pipedream’s bold marketing strategy.

In the midst of this unexpected fame, Pakistani businessman Faizan Siddiqui pointed out an intriguing oversight. Servis, the shoemaker behind the White Cheetahs, may have missed a golden opportunity by not trademarking its name and domain. Such a move could have positioned the company to capitalize on exporting these distinctive sneakers and seizing the international market.

The narrative surrounding the “Taliban’s Favorite” sneakers serves as a testament to the unpredictable nature of fashion, marketing, and global events. What began as a shoemaker’s legacy during wartime has now found an unexpected niche in the international market, intriguingly intersecting with geopolitical conflicts and capturing the imagination of consumers. Americana Pipedream’s audacious branding may be seen as a savvy move, but the real intrigue lies in the authenticity of the claim—a fascinating story that continues to unfold.

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