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Funds Allocated to Clear Passport Backlog

Funds Allocated to Clear Passport Backlog

The allocation of funds by the Finance Ministry to address the backlog of passport applications is a positive step towards improving efficiency and transparency in the passport issuance process. The issuance of international tenders for the procurement of printing and e-passport machines, as well as lamination papers, indicates a commitment to modernizing and streamlining passport production.

Once the acquisition of necessary machinery and materials is finalized, it is expected to significantly enhance the capacity of passport offices to process applications and clear the existing backlog in a timely manner. The daily printing capacity of 20 to 25 thousand passports, coupled with the receipt of 40 to 45 thousand applications per day, underscores the urgent need for infrastructure upgrades and operational improvements.

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The suspension of senior officials at the Lahore Passport Office due to allegations of corruption is a proactive measure to address concerns regarding unethical practices in the passport issuance process. It sends a strong message that accountability and integrity will be upheld within the passport administration system.

Efforts to combat corruption and enhance efficiency in passport services are essential for ensuring the integrity of the passport issuance process and facilitating the smooth movement of citizens across borders. Continued vigilance, transparency, and investment in modernization efforts will be crucial for achieving these objectives and improving overall service delivery in passport offices nationwide.