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Gandapur Granted Bail Relief in May 9 Cases

Gandapur Granted Bail Relief in May 9 Cases

In Rawalpindi, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Ali Amin Gandapur was granted interim bail in 13 cases related to the May 9, 2023 violence, as well as in one case linked to PTI founding chairman Imran Khan’s Islamabad Motorway Toll Plaza reception last year.

The arrest warrants issued against him in connection with the May 9 violence were cancelled, and his status as a proclaimed offender was overturned. Gandapur initially appeared before Additional District and Sessions Judge Raja Faisal Rasheed at the Judicial Complex regarding the Toll Plaza reception case, where he was granted interim bail until April 30.

Subsequently, he appeared before an anti-terrorism court (ATC). Upon surrendering to the ATC, Judge Malik Ijaz Asif annulled the arrest warrants issued for Gandapur in connection with the May 9 violence and overturned his proclaimed offender status. The judge then granted interim bail to the K-P CM in all cases related to the May 9 mayhem, provided that he submitted surety bonds to the court.

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The police were ordered not to arrest Gandapur in any of these cases, and further proceedings were restrained. The judge also summoned records from all relevant Station House Officers (SHOs). Speaking to the media outside the court, Gandapur emphasized that his party respected the judiciary, which was why he appeared before the courts. He remarked on the transparency of the existing system.

Gandapur expressed confidence that Imran Khan would soon be released and would once again become the premier. He highlighted the necessity of forming a commission to investigate allegations of interference in judicial affairs, as raised by Islamabad High Court judges.

The K-P CM extended his congratulations to the PTI founding chairman, stating that Imran Khan’s efforts had awakened the nation. He also mentioned that Imran had no objections to his meeting with Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, as Sharif currently leads the country.