Gaza Crisis Escalation: Implications for Peace and Stability

Web DeskOctober 14, 2023
Gaza Crisis Escalation: Implications for Peace and Stability

Terrorism is unacceptable in any form, and that includes the bombing of civilians by any party, whether it’s Hamas or Israel. It’s important to note that there are crucial differences when it comes to state actors like Israel. Israel’s actions come with different obligations due to its status as a state. Furthermore, Israel has been involved in a policy of forced evictions, displacing innocent Palestinians in the northern part of the Gaza strip, which can be seen as an attempt to further occupy the area. This is taking place against a backdrop of severe humanitarian consequences, including food, fuel, and water shortages, due to the Israeli siege of Gaza.

Palestinians have a long history of oppression, with decades of state-sponsored violence and forced expulsions. The situation has been described as the “world’s largest open-air prison.” The current expulsion of Palestinians from the northern Gaza strip is seen by some as a plan for a brutal ground invasion, potentially leading to a “final solution” for the Palestinians, who have been denied statehood and basic rights. This situation is pushing the region to the brink of a humanitarian crisis, with the UN Secretary-General describing it as a “hell on earth.”

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Impunity for Israel is not a new issue. The current crisis threatens not only the region’s stability but also the diplomatic and military landscape globally. With modern media, containing the story is more challenging than ever, and the situation is receiving significant attention around the world. The key issue here is that the foundations of international law are at risk of being eroded. When universal norms are not applied universally, it undermines the legitimacy of those norms. The situation in Kashmir and Palestine, two of the oldest disputes on the UN docket, highlights the challenges that exist in applying universal norms consistently. When exceptions become the norm, it poses a severe threat to global order.

As the crisis intensifies, it has far-reaching implications, not just for regional stability but for the world at large. The Middle East conflict is not confined to the region, and it is already changing the diplomatic and military dynamics worldwide. The story is not being contained, thanks to media coverage and social media, and the outrage is directed not only at Hamas but also at Israel for its ongoing occupation and oppression. The perception varies depending on the narrative and perspective, with many in the Muslim world viewing Hamas’ actions as a response to Israel’s decades-long occupation.

The historical context of this conflict goes back to the post-World War I period when arbitrary maps were drawn by Allied powers, leading to a series of conflicts and discontent among the indigenous Arab population in the region. Over the years, Israel has grown into a powerful state with the backing of other powerful countries, while Palestinians have faced decades of occupation and forced displacement.

Now, the situation has escalated into a full-scale war, with severe consequences for the Palestinian population. The global response is complex, with some nations showing strong support for Israel, while others express solidarity with the Palestinian people. The involvement of the United States in this conflict, both militarily and politically, is significant, and it has taken a clear position in support of Israel.

The situation in the Middle East is likely to have a long-lasting impact on the region, making the normalization of relations between Israel and Arab states more challenging. Saudi Arabia’s response will be pivotal, and it has expressed condemnation of violence while advocating for a two-state solution. The region is in need of a ceasefire, and diplomatic efforts are underway, including backchannel negotiations involving Iran and Saudi Arabia. A just, inclusive peace is the way forward, as the world faces pressing challenges in the 21st century.

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