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Gaza Protesters and Police Clash Near Red Zone

Gaza Protesters and Police Clash Near Red Zone

Protestors affiliated with Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) and Gaza Bachao Tehreek (Save Gaza Movement) clashed with police on Sunday as they attempted to enter Islamabad’s red zone to protest the government’s perceived inaction amidst the ongoing conflict in Gaza.


Led by former senator Mushtaq Ahmad Khan and Save Gaza Movement’s central leader Humera Tayyaba, the demonstrators gathered near D-Chowk to voice their grievances. However, police barricaded the entrance to the red zone, prompting negotiations between Mushtaq Ahmad Khan and Federal Police SSP Abdul Aleem. Despite their efforts, permission to proceed towards the Parliament House was denied, resulting in a confrontation between protesters and law enforcement.

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According to a JI spokesperson, the police resorted to baton charging peaceful demonstrators, leading to injuries among JI workers. In retaliation, protesters hurled stones at the police before staging a six-hour sit-in near D-Chowk, where they broke their fasts on the street. They announced plans for a similar sit-in the following Sunday.

Addressing the crowd, Humera Tayyaba emphasized the global significance of their campaign, condemning the support extended to Israel by nations such as the United States, the UK, and some Middle Eastern countries. She criticized the Pakistani government for disregarding their protests and vowed to continue their demonstrations despite intimidation and threats.

Mushtaq Ahmad Khan reiterated the movement’s objective to save Gaza, condemning the government’s alleged pro-Israel stance. He accused the government of obstructing their peaceful protest and urged for immediate action to protect Palestinians, including mobilizing the army and advocating for a ceasefire

Expressing disappointment with Muslim leaders’ inaction, Khan called for diplomatic efforts against Israel’s war crimes, including legal action in international forums. He condemned the government’s response to their protest and vowed to persist in condemning Israel, the US, and Europe.

Meanwhile, JI chief Sirajul Haq, speaking in Jaranwala, criticized leaders who attained power through electoral fraud, predicting their eventual downfall. Haq highlighted the crippling inflation affecting the public and called for accountability and change in governance.