Gilgit Airport Conducts Full-Scale Emergency Exercise

Web DeskJuly 10, 2023

In a captivating display of preparedness and coordination, Gilgit Airport recently held a full-scale emergency exercise that left onlookers intrigued. The exercise commenced with a simulated emergency report to the control tower’s fire station, alerting them to a fire outbreak on a plane stationed on the runway.

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All relevant stakeholders, including the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Airport Security Force (ASF), Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Red Crescent, Rescue 1122, City Fire Bridge, local police, and Key Point Police, actively participated in this meticulously planned emergency drill. As the exercise unfolded, CAA fire tenders and medical ambulances promptly arrived at the simulated accident site, skillfully extinguishing the fire and rescuing the “injured.”

To ensure utmost security, ASF personnel quickly cordoned off the airside area, while the local police secured the perimeter outside the security fence. The efficiency of the response was further enhanced when Red Crescent ambulances and City Fire Services teams arrived swiftly, lending an air of mystery to the scenario.

Inside the concourse hall, the CAA, PIA, and Red Crescent set up a public information counter, adding an intriguing dimension to the exercise. Each stakeholder diligently executed their role in accordance with the Crisis and Emergency Response Plan, showcasing their commitment to preparedness.

The airport manager expressed gratitude to all the stakeholders and volunteers for their active involvement, emphasizing that these exercises played a vital role in ensuring their readiness to handle any untoward situation. The enigmatic nature of the emergency exercise undoubtedly left observers pondering the extent of their preparedness and the intriguing scenarios they may encounter in the future.

As the curtains fell on this captivating emergency exercise, Gilgit Airport once again demonstrated its commitment to safety and vigilance. The event left participants and onlookers intrigued, their curiosity piqued by the mysterious atmosphere that shrouded the exercise. Gilgit Airport continues to be a beacon of preparedness, ready to navigate the enigmatic landscapes of potential emergencies and ensuring the safety and security of all who pass through its gates.

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