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Earth habitat of millions of humans and many other living beings. Are we going to lose our habitat?

Many years back 30,40 or 50 years, living in Islamabad-The capital city of Pakistan-was a very pleasant experience. The city was cool with lush green plants all around. The weather was neither so cold with snowfall like mountains nor it was hot like other plain areas of Pakistan. It was the most pleasant area to live. Most of the time of the year was nice weather. There were cold days in the months of December, January, and February. On the other hand, the hot weather months were only June and July. Nowadays hot weather starts from the month of March and goes till October or November.

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This change in weather conditions is also observed in other areas of Pakistan. Hot areas are becoming Hotter. Even the coldest areas are showing hot weather conditions. Glaciers are melting and causing floods in the rivers. Attabad Lake is created due to the breakage of a big glacier causing a 2010 flood in Pakistan that affected most of the area of Pakistan. The temperature in some areas rises above 50 degrees Celsius. Is this happening only in Pakistan? Similar conditions are seen worldwide. The largest glaciers of the North Pole and the South Pole are undergoing similar issues. Melting of these areas are increasing the level of Oceans all around the world. Scientists have an idea that many areas will no longer exist due to the rising level of oceans.

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The question rises in mind Why this is happening? Many are trying to answer this disastrous question. Some of them say that human activities are the real cause of such changes. Man is trying to facilitate his life by inventing new things day by day. Transportation has advanced a lot using fossil fuels that are causing pollution which is a cause of global warming. Industrialization has given rise to environmental pollution. Many chemicals are added to the atmosphere every day. These chemicals are causing acid rain and depletion of the ozone layer- the protective layer of planet Earth. The usage of packing material has given rise to the amount of garbage. Such materials are not biodegradable and are not decomposed easily. They produce CFC gases that are again a cause of global warming and air pollution.

Actually, Earth is part of the Solar System revolving around the Sun with its siblings. The Sun provides Heat and light to the earth which is an essential need of its inhabitants. Exaggeration of everything is harmful. If the earth is more heated it will roast the earth but before that water will drone the land areas of the earth that are used for living by many of its inhabitants. All the system is being run by Almighty Allah. Allah is so merciful but He has promised an end to worldly life and the Day of Judgement. Maybe Earth and its system are traveling towards its end. No one knows how long this journey is going to be continued.

Earth is our Habitat; we may love and care it as we have no replacement till now. No other planet of Solar System is suitable for life.

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