Goher Mumtaz Continues Criticism of Farhan Saeed, Stays Firm on Stance

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Goher Mumtaz Continues Criticism of Farhan Saeed, Stays Firm on Stance

Goher Mumtaz and Farhan Saeed appear to be embroiled in an escalating online feud, with Goher recently doubling down on his criticism of Farhan. Following Goher’s candid interview where he openly criticized his former bandmate, Farhan responded by sharing a video of himself performing for his fans, expressing gratitude for their support. However, Goher took to his Instagram Story to offer a rebuttal, addressing what he perceives as lingering concerns about Farhan’s singing abilities.

While Farhan’s post seemed like a heartfelt acknowledgment of his fanbase, Goher used the opportunity to address the issue between them. Referring to Farhan as a younger brother, Goher began by acknowledging the positive aspects of the video and expressing respect for Farhan as a friend and brother. However, he didn’t hold back when it came to addressing the issue at hand.

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Goher recalled an earlier interview where he asserted that Farhan was a weak singer and left their band, Jal, because he aspired to be like Atif Aslam. He mentioned that Farhan lacked confidence and was out of tune when initially hired to sing Aadat as a replacement. Goher also took a jab at Farhan’s recent Instagram post.

In his Instagram Story, Goher wrote, “So my brother Farhan posted this clip with a great caption. You are a younger brother…but still…I have to tell you. I respect you as a friend and brother. I say things in all honesty and on a lighter note, in an interview, when asked that why always a ‘vocalist’ leaves a band as you were hired in Jal to sing Aadat as a replacement. At that time you were not confident, out of tune to sing Aadat…nothing more than that…also thanks for you have uploaded to show off. The PGC crowd…but somebody should tell you before posting this video on your page that you are still out of tune in these clips…Love you and your fans too…That too ‘all.'”

Goher’s remarks added fuel to the fire, as he not only questioned Farhan’s vocal abilities but also suggested that the Instagram post was an attempt to “show off.” He concluded with a touch of sarcasm, expressing love for Farhan and his fans, while emphasizing the word “all.”

This public exchange adds an unexpected layer of drama to the narrative of two once-collaborative musicians turned public adversaries. As fans await Farhan’s response, it remains to be seen whether this online clash will escalate further or if the two will find a way to reconcile their differences behind the scenes.

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