Gold prices fall in Pakistan, Dec 22

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Gold prices fall in Pakistan, Dec 22

Amidst a global uptick in gold value, the local market in Karachi showcased a contrasting trend, witnessing a decline in prices. The dynamics of the precious metal often respond uniquely to regional influences, and Karachi seems to echo this trend currently.

As of December 22, 2023, the price of gold measured in local standards revealed a decline. A single tola of 24 Karat gold was priced at Rs218,000, while 10 grams of the same quality gold stood at Rs186,900. This local dip in prices contradicted the international trajectory, where gold saw a significant surge, climbing by $16.75 to reach $2,048.

This disparity between global and local gold prices is not uncommon, especially within Pakistan, given the prevailing political and economic uncertainties. Such fluctuations in the local market are often attributed to these uncertainties, creating an environment where gold tends to be favored as a reliable and safe investment option.

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The following table outlines the specific unit prices of gold in the Karachi market as of December 22, 2023:

Unit Prices
Single Tola (24 Karat) Rs218,000
10 Grams (24 Karat) Rs186,900

Despite the local variations, the broader global surge reflects the continued allure and stability that gold offers during times of uncertainty. Investors both locally and internationally continue to monitor these fluctuations, recognizing gold’s enduring status as a safe haven in fluctuating markets.

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