Gold prices hike in Pakistan, Dec 8

Web DeskDecember 8, 2023

The gold market in Pakistan witnessed a notable surge in prices owing to a substantial upward trend experienced by the precious metal on the international scale.

Today’s Gold Rates in Pakistan – December 8, 2023 As of Friday, December 8, the local gold rates depict a significant rise. A single tola of 24-karat gold is priced at Rs217,400, with 10 grams of 24k gold commanding Rs186,390.

For 22 karat gold, the cost stands at Rs199,282 per tola, while 21 karat gold is priced at Rs190,225 per tola. Additionally, the price for 18k gold is marked at Rs163,050 per tola.

On the global front, the current trend showcases gold prices hovering around $2026, displaying an increase of $8.30 on Friday.

This spike in gold rates not only reflects the current dynamics within the Pakistani market but also mirrors the broader global movement in the price of this precious commodity. Investors and individuals engaged in gold trading are closely monitoring these shifts, observing the implications they might hold for economic trends and investment strategies both domestically and internationally.

Analysts are attributing this surge to various factors including geopolitical tensions, market demand, and the broader economic landscape. The fluctuating rates are prompting a reevaluation of investment portfolios and strategies among those involved in the gold trade, while consumers are considering the implications for jewelry purchases and other related transactions.

As the global economic climate remains dynamic, fluctuations in gold prices are expected to continue, emphasizing the need for a vigilant approach among market participants to navigate these changes effectively.

City Gold Silver
Lahore PKR 217,400 PKR 2,583
Karachi PKR 217,400 PKR 2,583
Islamabad PKR 217,400 PKR 2,583
Peshawar PKR 217,400 PKR 2,583
Quetta PKR 217,400 PKR 2,583
Sialkot PKR 217,400 PKR 2,583
Attock PKR 217,400 PKR 2,583
Gujranwala PKR 217,400 PKR 2,583
Jehlum PKR 217,400 PKR 2,583
Multan PKR 217,400 PKR 2,583
Bahawalpur PKR 217,400 PKR 2,583
Gujrat PKR 217,400 PKR 2,583
Nawabshah PKR 217,400 PKR 2,583
Chakwal PKR 217,400 PKR 2,583
Hyderabad PKR 217,400 PKR 2,583
Nowshehra PKR 217,400 PKR 2,583
Sargodha PKR 217,400 PKR 2,583
Faisalabad PKR 217,400 PKR 2,583
Mirpur PKR 217,400 PKR 2,583
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