Gold Prices in Pakistan Continue to Rise

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Gold Prices in Pakistan Continue to Rise

The gold market in Pakistan experienced a notable increase of Rs1,000, leading to higher gold prices across various categories. The price of 24-karat gold rose to Rs215,100 per tola.

Similarly, the rate for 10 grams of 24-karat gold saw an increase of Rs858, reaching Rs184,414, while the price of 10 grams of 22-karat gold also rose, reaching Rs169,046.

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These fluctuations in gold rates are often influenced by changes in the value of the US Dollar, underscoring the interconnectedness between currency values and gold prices. This demonstrates how global economic factors can impact local gold markets.

In contrast, the price of 24-karat silver remained steady at Rs2,570. Internationally, the global gold price rose by $16 to reach $2,056 per ounce.

It’s important to recognize that gold rates in Pakistan can change significantly throughout the day, reflecting trends in the global market. For the most up-to-date and accurate information on gold prices, individuals are encouraged to consult local gold merchants and jewelers.

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