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Gold rate in Pakistan today for 1 tola of 24 karat gold stands at Rs. 218500 for trading. Per tola rate for 22 karat gold is recorded to be Rs. 202215.

For city wise gold rate in Pakistan, see the following:

City Gold Prices Silver
Karachi PKR 218,500 PKR  2,650
Lahore PKR 218,500 PKR 2,650
Islamabad PKR 218,500 PKR 2,650
Peshawar PKR 218,500 PKR 2,650
Quetta PKR 218,500 PKR 2,650
Sialkot PKR 218,500 PKR 2,650
Hyderabad PKR 218,500 PKR 2,650
Faisalabad PKR 218,500 PKR 2,650

Gold price in Pakistan for 24 karat and 22 karat gold for tola, 10 grams and gram.

Gold Rate  Gold 24K Today Gold 22K Today
Per Tola Gold PKR 218,500 PKR 202,215
Per 10 Gram Gold PKR 191,020 PKR 175,100
Per Gram Gold PKR 19,102 PKR  17,510

Gold rates in Pakistan vary and it keeps fluctuating because of the international market. Our source of gold prices is Sarafa bazaars and local gold markets in various cities of Pakistan. 

Understanding the Current Gold Rate in Pakistan: Factors and Trends

Gold is considered to be a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and financial security in Pakistan. Gold is a topic of great interest for people who may intend to buy gold for personal needs or for investment and business point of view.  

Let’s explore the factors that influence the gold rates and analyse the current trends in the market.

Factors impacting the Gold Prices in Pakistan:

  1. International Gold Prices: The global gold market plays an important role in determining gold price in Pakistan. International factors such as supply and demand, geopolitical tensions, economic indicators, and investor sentiment impact gold prices in Pakistan and worldwide.
  2. Exchange Rates: The exchange rate between the Pakistani Rupee (PKR) and other major currencies also affects the gold rates. A weaker Pakistani currency against international currencies can lead to an increase in the local gold price, as it becomes more expensive to import gold.
  3. Local Demand and Consumption: The demand for gold jewellery, coins, and bars within Pakistan is another crucial factor. Events like weddings often drive up the demand for gold, leading to an increased gold prices in Pakistan.
  4. Inflation and Economic Conditions: Inflation and economic stability play a significant role in determining the gold rate in Pakistan. During times of high inflation or economic uncertainty, investors often turn to gold as a safe-haven investment, leading to an increase in demand and subsequently, higher prices of gold in Pakistan.

Current Trends in the Gold Market in Pakistan: 

As of the current date, the gold price in Pakistan has been subject to fluctuations influenced by various factors. It is essential to note that gold prices in Pakistan can change rapidly, and the information provided here may not reflect the precise rate at the time of reading.

The Pakistani Rupee’s exchange rate against major currencies has been subject to fluctuations, impacting the local gold rate. A weaker PKR against the US Dollar, for instance, can result in higher gold prices in Pakistan.


The gold rate in Pakistan is influenced by a combination of international and domestic factors. Understanding these factors and staying updated on the latest trends can help individuals and investors make informed decisions regarding gold purchases or investments. To remain up-to-date about the current gold price in Pakistan, subscribe to our channels. 

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