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Web DeskSeptember 28, 2023

In a groundbreaking development, the British Council has introduced a revolutionary feature for individuals taking the IELTS test, aiming to enhance their scores without the necessity of undergoing a complete retest. This pioneering feature, appropriately named ‘One Skill Retake,’ provides test takers the opportunity to reattempt a specific section of the IELTS exam, such as listening, reading, writing, or speaking, while maintaining the familiar format and timing of the original section, as reported by a national daily.

Andrew Mackenzie, the Director of IELTS at the British Council, clarified that this innovative offering stemmed from the organization’s dedication to its clientele. He expressed their understanding that, with sufficient preparation and support, test takers could achieve their optimal scores on the test day. He further explained that ‘One Skill Retake’ empowers candidates to revisit a particular skill if they believe their initial performance did not accurately reflect their English proficiency, thereby promoting fairness.

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Additionally, institutions that accept IELTS scores with the ‘One Skill Retake’ option can grant candidates the flexibility to meet entry requirements while upholding high standards. This initiative underscores the commitment of IELTS partners to assisting test takers in realizing their full potential.

Maarya Rehman, Deputy Director of the British Council in Pakistan, stressed their dedication to empowering IELTS test takers, highlighting that the British Council is the sole major high-stakes test provider offering this unique option in Pakistan.

Individuals who choose the ‘One Skill Retake’ option will receive a secondary Test Report Form suitable for migration and academic purposes. Depending on their results, candidates can opt to use either their original or the new test report for the skill they wish to retake. This feature can be reserved within 60 days of the initial IELTS test, granting candidates greater flexibility and control over their test outcomes.

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