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Google AI Offers English Speaking Practice

Google AI Offers English Speaking Practice

Google is currently testing a new AI feature called “Speaking Practice” aimed at enhancing spoken English skills, particularly for individuals in regions where English proficiency is a challenge, such as Pakistan. This feature, currently available in select countries including Argentina, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and Venezuela for users enrolled in Search Labs, is designed to gradually expand to more regions.

The primary objective of this feature is to assist users in improving their English proficiency through interactive AI-driven language learning exercises. These exercises are intended to help learners apply newly acquired vocabulary in real-life contexts.

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Although this feature is not entirely new, as it builds upon a previously released Google feature from October of the previous year, it represents an evolution in Google’s efforts to aid English learners. The initial feature allowed users to practice speaking sentences within a contextual framework and receive feedback on grammar and clarity. The addition of “Speaking Practice” now introduces elements of two-way conversational exercises.

The functionality of “Speaking Practice” was first revealed when a user on X shared screenshots demonstrating its operation. According to the screenshots, the feature utilizes Google Search and generative AI to assist users in incorporating new words into everyday scenarios with illustrative examples. Additionally, the feature will be integrated into the translate functionality on Google Search. However, Google advises that since generative AI is experimental, users may experience varying results.

The introduction of this new feature suggests that Google may be gearing up to compete directly with established language learning platforms like Duolingo and Babbel. This isn’t Google’s first foray into the language education arena; in 2019, the company introduced a feature in Search that aided users in practicing the correct pronunciation of words.