Google Bard Unveils Free AI-Generated Images

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Google Bard Unveils Free AI-Generated Images

Google recently integrated generative AI capabilities into its Maps platform and introduced significant enhancements for Bard. A noteworthy update is the expanded utilization of Gemini Pro, Google’s newly revealed multimodal AI model, across all languages and regions where Bard is accessible.

Previously, the integration of Gemini Pro was restricted to the English language for Bard, enhancing capabilities in comprehension, reasoning, summarization, and coding.

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Moreover, Bard now possesses the capability to generate images, currently available in English and accessible in “most countries around the world.” This feature is powered by Google’s latest Imagen 2 model, designed to balance quality and speed, ensuring high-quality and photorealistic results at no cost to users.

Similar to other AI image generators, utilizing Bard’s version is straightforward – users input a brief description, and Bard generates diverse visuals to illustrate the idea. To maintain transparency, Bard incorporates SynthID to embed digitally identifiable watermarks within the generated images’ pixels, clearly indicating their AI-generated nature.

Lastly, users can cross-reference Bard’s responses with Google search results in over 40 languages by clicking on the G icon. This feature allows Bard to analyze web content that validates its response, providing users with highlighted phrases and the opportunity to explore further details about corroborating or conflicting information found through Google search.

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