Google Maps Unveils New Color Scheme, Sparks Controversy

Web DeskSeptember 3, 2023
Google Maps Unveils New Color Scheme, Sparks Controversy

Every day, millions of people use Google Maps, which is Google’s most popular mapping service.

This service provides assistance to individuals in understanding different locations and reaching their destinations.

Now, the company has quietly made a noticeable change to the user interface of Google Maps. Due to this change, Google Maps will appear differently to most users compared to how it looked before.

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As a result of this update, Google Maps’ colors have been altered for both phone and desktop users.

Streets are now shown in gray, while shades of greenish-blue are used for bodies of water, and a bluish-green hue is employed for parks. This new change is gradually being introduced to all users, and it has not been well-received by most people.

Previously, Google Maps used a yellow color for streets and a deeper blue for bodies of water.

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