Google Unveils Meme Domain for a Hilarious Internet Experience

Web DeskNovember 29, 2023
Google Unveils Meme Domain for a Hilarious Internet Experience

Top of Form In response to the widespread popularity of memes, Google has introduced a dedicated domain for them. Users can now add “.meme” to the end of their website URL, creating a distinct online space for meme-related content.

Currently in the early access phase, the .meme domain names can be registered with an additional one-time fee. For those looking to avoid this extra cost, the domain will become open to the public on December 5th, available at the standard annual rate.

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Numerous individuals have already taken advantage of this opportunity, registering meme websites with a focus on various themes, with cat memes being particularly prominent. Examples include,, and Notably, the well-known meme explainer website,, has also transitioned to the .meme domain.

Google Registry, known for its unique domain offerings like .dad, .boo, and the recently introduced .ing, has made a distinctive choice with .meme. This new domain is expected to simplify the process of finding reaction memes for group chats and adds an unconventional flair to their collection. Top of Form

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