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Google’s ‘Find My Device’ Launches Globally for Android Phones, Including Offline Devices

Google's 'Find My Device' Launches Globally for Android Phones, Including Offline Devices

Google has officially announced the launch of its revamped Find My Device network for Android, confirming previous speculations. This update introduces offline device tracking capabilities and will be rolled out globally, starting with devices running Android 9 and later, with the initial launch in the US and Canada. It is expected to expand to more countries later this year.

With over a billion devices integrated into the network, the new Find My Device will make device tracking effortless, even in offline mode. Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro users will have an added advantage, as their devices will remain trackable even when powered off or with a depleted battery, thanks to specialized Pixel hardware enhancements. However, this feature may not be available on older Pixel phones or other OEMs, at least initially.

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Chipolo and Pebblebee are set to introduce new Bluetooth tracker tags designed for seamless integration with the Find My Device app’s network, scheduled to launch in May this year. These tags will also support compatibility with unknown tracker alerts across Android and iOS platforms, providing users with protection against unwanted tracking.

Additionally, a “Find nearby” button will be introduced to enhance user experience, allowing users to pinpoint the location of a lost device within their immediate vicinity. This feature will be compatible with upcoming Bluetooth tags from Chipolo, Pebblebee, and other manufacturers, starting in May.

For users with Nest devices at home, the Find My Device app will leverage this integration to accurately determine the proximity of a lost device to those Nest devices. Users will also have the capability to share devices with others, making tracking easier.

Furthermore, device makers such as JBL, Sony, and others will soon introduce software updates enabling their gadgets to join Google’s Find My Device network for easy tracking.