Government Advises Vigilance Regarding Indian Technology Products

Web DeskSeptember 20, 2023

The government has advised financial institutions, regulators, and information technology (IT) companies not to use artificial intelligence (AI) and information and communication technology (ICT) technologies made in India. According to them, these products could seriously endanger Pakistan’s vital information systems.

According to Geo News, this warning was provided via a cybersecurity bulletin distributed to federal, provincial, and regulatory agencies. The advise pointed out that ICT and AI solutions made in India are used all around the world, particularly in the financial sector, to support corporate growth.

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However, it made note of the collaboration between some Pakistani banks and fintech startups with Indian businesses that provide IT, cybersecurity, and AI solutions. There are two key causes for concern for the government:

The “backdoors” or harmful software that captures data, including personal data, may be concealed in Indian items.

Indian entities may have direct access to Pakistan’s crucial systems, giving them the ability to supervise and manage these systems.

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