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Government Bans Gas in Plastic Bags and Balloons

Government Bans Gas in Plastic Bags and Balloons

The district administration in Bannu, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), has taken a significant step to address potential hazards by prohibiting the transportation of gas in plastic bags due to safety concerns.

Under Section 144 of the law, the deputy commissioner’s office issued a notification imposing a ban on carrying natural gas in plastic bags. This measure aims to prevent potential disasters associated with the use of plastic bags as containers for flammable gases.

Authorities have emphasized the serious risks posed by plastic bags filled with gas, referring to them as “walking bombs.” Law enforcement agencies have been directed to take strict action against individuals who violate the ban. This underscores the importance of adhering to safety regulations to prevent accidents and safeguard public welfare.

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The practice of filling plastic bags with natural gas involves inserting a small valve into the mouth of the bags to facilitate gas transfer, creating a significant risk of leakage and ignition.

Bannu faces challenges in providing adequate infrastructure for safe gas distribution to local residents and surrounding areas. The lack of a comprehensive gas supply network has led residents to resort to makeshift methods, such as extracting gas directly from main supply lines using hoses, rather than employing proper drilling techniques.

Given these circumstances, residents have turned to unconventional means of gas transportation, including using plastic bags resembling helium balloons to transport gas from extraction sites to households for cooking purposes.