Government Establishes November 1 Deadline for illegal Immigrants to Depart Pakistan

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During a press conference in Islamabad, the Caretaker Interior Minister, Sarfraz Bugti, made a significant announcement regarding illegal immigrants residing in Pakistan. He set a deadline of November 1 for these individuals to voluntarily leave the country; otherwise, all law enforcement agencies would take the necessary steps to deport them.

Speaking about the decision, Minister Bugti emphasized that the welfare and security of Pakistani citizens were of paramount importance. The focus was on addressing the issue of illegal immigrants who had entered Pakistan through unlawful means.

Bugti stated, “We have given them a deadline of November 1 to willingly return to their countries, and if they fail to do so, all law enforcement agencies of both the federal and provincial levels will undertake the necessary deportation procedures.”

He further noted that all relevant stakeholders had been consulted before arriving at this decision.

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Additionally, Interim Information Minister Murtaza Solangi clarified that illegal immigrants were granted a 28-day period to leave Pakistan.

Minister Bugti also mentioned that the same November 1 deadline would apply to those attempting to enter Pakistan without the requisite passport or visa. After this date, individuals would not be permitted to enter the country without these essential documents, aligning Pakistan’s policy with international norms.

He highlighted that this requirement was consistent with the regulations in place in other countries worldwide. Furthermore, individuals arriving with proper documentation and who adhered to tax regulations would receive encouragement and support.

As of now, there are approximately 1.73 million unregistered illegal Afghan residents in Pakistan.

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