Government Orders PCB and PSL to Ban Betting Sponsorships

Web DeskSeptember 29, 2023
Government Orders PCB and PSL to Ban Betting Sponsorships

The government of Pakistan has issued orders to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and Pakistan Super League (PSL) franchises to cease sponsorships from surrogate betting companies. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has taken a strong stance against these surrogate betting entities operating within Pakistan’s cricket system.

In an official communication, these surrogate companies, which were established by foreign betting firms to infiltrate the Pakistan cricket scene, have been identified. Notable among them are 1Xbat, MelBat, Dafa News, and 111 Wolf News, which served as major sponsors for PSL franchises in the previous edition.

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The ministry’s directive underscores that these companies pose a dual threat to Pakistan, both morally and financially. Their parent companies are engaged in activities related to casinos, betting, and gambling, raising concerns about the moral impact on the country. Additionally, they are involved in transferring untaxed funds out of Pakistan, which negatively affects the country’s economy.

As a result of the government’s orders, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has officially prohibited the PCB, PSL franchises, local teams, and tournaments from entering into any future agreements with such surrogate companies associated with banned entities. Furthermore, franchises have been instructed to terminate any existing contracts with these companies.

This action reflects the government’s commitment to curbing activities that are detrimental to the nation’s moral fabric and economic stability, especially within the realm of sports and cricket sponsorship.

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