Government Raises Travel Allowance for Govt. Employees

Web DeskAugust 9, 2023
Government Raises Travel Allowance for Govt. Employees

In a significant development on the last day of its term, the coalition government has declared a 50 percent increase in daily travel and mileage allowances for all government employees.

As stated in the official communication issued by the Ministry of Finance, the updated allowances will now encompass a top special rate of Rs. 7,200 per day for Grade 22 employees, followed by Rs. 6,000 for Grade 21, and Rs. 4,920 for those belonging to Grades 19 and 20, when journeying within the nation.

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Similarly, the highest daily rate for Grade 17 and 18 employees has been adjusted to Rs. 3,840, while those in Grades 12 to 16 will receive Rs. 2,160. Grades 5 to 11 are set to obtain Rs. 1,320, and Grades 1 to 4 will be entitled to Rs. 1,200 per day.

Furthermore, the allowances per kilometer for various transportation modes, including personal vehicles, taxis, motorcycles, and public transport, have also been increased.

These updated daily allowance rates will be effective at specified locations, encompassing major cities and towns throughout the country.

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