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Government to Classify Cars with 2,000KM Mileage as New for Import Purposes

Government to Classify Cars with 2,000KM Mileage as New for Import Purposes

The federal government has taken significant steps to address crucial issues at Customs counters by making alterations to regulations on vehicle imports and flour exports.


In a notable revision, imported vehicles with up to 2,000 kilometers (KM) mileage will now be classified as new cars, a departure from the previous threshold of 500 KM. This adjustment, implemented through an amendment to the Import Policy Order 2022, aims to streamline import procedures and prevent delays caused by Customs officers at ports. While the commercial import of used cars remains prohibited, this modification seeks to strike a balance in trade regulations.

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Additionally, the government has authorized the export of flour produced from wheat imported exclusively for export purposes under the Export Facilitation Scheme, 2021, through SRO 433(1) 2024. This decision not only addresses the rising demand for flour in neighboring countries but also tackles domestic wheat consumption concerns. By facilitating flour exports, the government aims to support local industries and bolster international trade relations.

These regulatory adjustments reflect the government’s commitment to fostering a conducive environment for trade and commerce while addressing domestic and international market demands. By adapting policies to current needs, the government endeavors to enhance efficiency and promote economic growth in key sectors.