Govt Employees in Pindi to Travel to Offices on Bicycles Soon

Web DeskNovember 30, 2023
Govt Employees in Pindi to Travel to Offices on Bicycles Soon

The district administration in Rawalpindi is considering a pilot project to encourage government employees to commute to their offices using bicycles.

Rawalpindi Deputy Commissioner, Hassan Waqar Cheema, mentioned that initially, they are contemplating having five to ten officials from each government office travel to work on bicycles, and it may be mandatory for young government employees to use bicycles for commuting.

The initiative aims not only to promote sustainable commuting options but also to reduce the environmental impact by discouraging the use of cars or motorcycles. The district administration is also planning a cycle rally as part of a broader campaign to address smog and air pollution.

In addition to promoting cycling, the authorities in Rawalpindi are actively conducting operations against smoke-emitting vehicles, industrial units, and brick kilns to tackle air pollution. Fines have been imposed on industrial units for polluting the air, and numerous vehicles have been penalized as well.

Earlier, the provincial transport minister had announced plans to launch electric bikes for government employees, indicating a broader push toward sustainable and eco-friendly transportation initiatives.

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