Govt Lists People Selling CPID and Patched Phones

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Govt Lists People Selling CPID and Patched Phones

Recent revelations by law enforcement agencies in Pakistan shed light on a significant influx of smuggled mobile phones arriving from Dubai and other nations. This influx has resulted in substantial financial losses amounting to billions of rupees for the country.

The surge in mobile phone smuggling seems to align with the simultaneous rise in import taxes and fluctuations in foreign exchange rates, complicating the situation further.

A concerning development relates to the acquisition of PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) approval by these smuggled smartphones using illicit and cost-effective methods. The strategies employed include Consumer Product Identification (CPID) IMEI repair and patch approvals, which have caught the attention of the Pakistani government.

As a response to this issue, the government has identified multiple smugglers and shops participating in the alteration of smartphones through these unauthorized techniques.

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In tandem with government actions, the PTA is preparing to initiate a crackdown targeting a widely known website,, which offers CPID approval services on a global scale.

Understanding CPID and Patch Approvals: CPID approvals have gained traction due to their capability to obtain unofficial PTA certifications at significantly reduced costs, often enabling high-end phones to function with local SIM cards. This method involves modifying a device’s original firmware without rooting it, effectively unlocking the SIM lock, and changing the smartphone’s IMEI number using software connected to a paid remote server.

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Effectively, this process swaps a smartphone’s IMEI number, its unique 15-digit identifier, with that of an older PTA-approved device, falsely portraying it as an officially sanctioned phone. For instance, a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra might be registered with the IMEI of a Nokia 3310.

Patch approvals follow similar lines, allowing a device to retain a single software patch while restricting users from updating their phones.

Potential Crackdown and Its Implications: Sources within the government hint at potential actions against due to its global provision of services catering to various devices. However, while this signifies a move against unauthorized practices, it doesn’t necessarily signal the complete cessation of CPID or patch approvals in Pakistan.

Nonetheless, this development indicates a foreseeable and intensified crackdown by the PTA and the government, targeting unauthorized approvals of smuggled devices. The identification of entities involved in these practices has spurred this intention for more stringent regulation and control.

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