Hadiqa Kiani Responds to Backlash Over Motorway Incident Story

Web DeskAugust 30, 2023
Hadiqa Kiani Responds to Backlash Over Motorway Incident Story

The TV show “Hadsa” has come under intense scrutiny due to its portrayal of a sensitive topic. The backlash began after journalist Fereeha Idrees shared a distressing conversation with Z, the survivor of the motorway incident upon which the show is supposedly based.

In the conversation, Z expressed her dismay at the show’s portrayal of her traumatic experience and its intrusion into her private life. She lamented that the show had brought back painful memories and made her relive the horrors she endured. Z questioned the ethics of making money off her suffering and highlighted the insensitivity of reenacting such a traumatic event for entertainment purposes.

Z also revealed her ongoing struggle to cope with the aftermath of the incident and how the show had disrupted her healing process. She conveyed the emotional toll the incident had on her family, especially her children, who now associate loud noises with her fear.

Fereeha shared Z’s perspective to shed light on the harm caused by sensationalizing real-life traumas for entertainment. Z’s narrative underscores the need for sensitivity and consideration when dealing with such delicate subjects, emphasizing that the pursuit of profit should never overshadow the pain and suffering of those involved.

Following these revelations, the TV show “Hadsa” faced widespread condemnation on social media. Users expressed their outrage and empathy for the survivor, criticizing the show for not only exploiting her trauma for financial gain but also exacerbating the pain of victims of such incidents.

One user lamented the lack of justice for survivors in the country and the further exploitation of their experiences for profit. Another commenter highlighted the triggering effect the show had on women and empathized with the survivor’s distress. They also referenced the show’s previous controversial portrayal of sensitive topics, accusing it of seeking attention through controversial storylines.

The strong negative response from social media users underscores the public’s demand for sensitivity, responsibility, and ethical consideration when depicting real-life traumas for entertainment purposes.

Hadiqa Kiani responds

In response to the controversy surrounding the TV show “Hadsa,” Hadiqa Kiani, a prominent figure associated with the show, addressed the situation on social media platform X. She expressed her concern and empathy for the survivor, stating that she cannot condone anything that causes harm or triggers a survivor of such a traumatic incident.

Hadiqa recounted her initial concerns about the show’s connection to the motorway incident and shared that she had explicitly inquired whether the show was based on a real-life story. She claimed that the team behind the project assured her that it was not related to the specific incident that took place in 2020. She later understood that “Hadsa” was tackling the broader issue of rape and violence that unfortunately occurs frequently in society.

She acknowledged the painful and traumatizing nature of rape and sexual violence and advocated for airing episodes with trigger warnings, recognizing the importance of being sensitive to survivors’ experiences. Hadiqa emphasized the need to bring conversations about this issue forward and work collectively to protect and empower survivors.

Hadiqa’s statement reflects her concern for the survivor’s well-being and her intention to address the controversy with sensitivity and empathy.



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