Hamas Leader: Pakistan Can Stop Israel’s Attacks on Palestine

Web DeskDecember 8, 2023
Hamas Leader: Pakistan Can Stop Israel's Attacks on Palestine

In a recent statement, senior Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh suggested that Israel’s aggressive actions could be countered with opposition from Pakistan. He praised Pakistan for its bravery, calling it a land of Mujahideen, and expressed hope for Pakistani support in the Palestinian struggle.

Speaking at an event organized by Majlis Ittehad-e-Ummah Pakistan, Haniyeh highlighted ongoing challenges faced by Palestinians under Israeli occupation, including the arrest of around 16,000 individuals and the desecration of sacred sites, which he deemed violations of international norms.

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Expressing disappointment over the failure to implement the Oslo Accords and the continued expansion of Israeli occupation, Haniyeh cautioned against Islamic countries establishing diplomatic ties with Israel, warning of potential harm to the Palestinian cause. He accused the United States and other nations of supporting Israel and voiced a desire for Israel to withdraw to allow truth to prevail.

Haniyeh claimed that Israel had planned a sudden and devastating attack on Gaza, which was preempted by defensive actions from Hamas Mujahideen. He expressed confidence in Pakistan’s ability to influence the situation, given the high expectations of the Palestinian people.

Despite over 20,000 Palestinian casualties in the conflict, Haniyeh remained hopeful about Pakistan’s potential role in compelling Israel to retreat. He concluded by emphasizing the sacrifices of the Palestinian people and the strength of Pakistan in potentially ending the ongoing conflict.

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