Hamas Warns Ashkelon Residents to Evacuate Amid Conflict

Web DeskOctober 10, 2023
Hamas Warns Ashkelon Residents to Evacuate Amid Conflict

Hamas has issued a warning to Israeli civilians in the city of Ashkelon, advising them to evacuate by a certain time to avoid rocket attacks. This warning comes in response to ongoing Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip. Hamas has also refused to release Israeli hostages until the hostilities cease.

The Israeli military has deployed a significant force, including airstrikes and artillery, targeting Hamas in Gaza. These strikes have resulted in Palestinian casualties.

Israel has issued a warning to Hamas, stating that the group has “nowhere to hide” in Gaza. The Israeli Air Force is conducting extensive airstrikes with intervals every four hours, targeting Hamas militants.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to obliterate Hamas, likening the group to Daesh and pledging to use “unprecedented force.”

In response to the airstrikes, Hamas’s armed wing has warned Ashkelon residents to evacuate or face danger. They have also claimed to have fired rockets at Israel’s Ben Gurion airport, although airport officials denied this.

Hamas has unleashed rocket attacks on central Israel, including Tel Aviv, resulting in civilian casualties. They have also refused to release hostages until the hostilities cease.

The conflict has resulted in a high human toll on both sides, with casualties reported among Israelis and Palestinians. Israel has imposed a “complete siege” on Gaza, cutting off essential supplies to the Palestinian population.

The war has caused significant destruction and has escalated tensions in the region, with calls for Israel to confront Hamas and Palestinian demands for an end to Israeli control and settlements in the West Bank and Gaza blockade.

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