Hamid Mir Unveils Untold History in Video: Islam’s Arrival in the Subcontinent – Myths and Realities”

Web DeskDecember 1, 2023
Hamid Mir Unveils Untold History in Video: Islam's Arrival in the Subcontinent - Myths and Realities"

In a compelling video, acclaimed journalist Hamid Mir delves into the rich history of Islam in the Indian subcontinent, challenging myths and exploring the realities of its arrival in India. From tracing the journey of the first Muslims in the region to unraveling the concept of Akhand Bharat, Hamid Mir takes viewers on an insightful exploration.

The video poses key questions, such as how Muslims came to the Indian subcontinent and who brought Islam to India. Hamid Mir challenges historical narratives, asserting that Muhammad Bin Qasim was not the first Muslim to bring Islam to the subcontinent. The exploration extends to the identification of the first mosque in India and sheds light on the presence of Twenty-Five Sahaba Karaam before Muhammad Bin Qasim.

This comprehensive examination of Islam’s history in the subcontinent offers a nuanced perspective, providing details of Akhand Bharat as presented by Hamid Mir himself. Don’t miss this captivating journey through time, as Hamid Mir navigates the complexities of the region’s past in this insightful video.


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