Hamza ali abbasi fought with life threatening deseases  when he young

Web DeskJuly 8, 2023
Hamza ali abbasi fought with life threatening deseases  when he young

Dr Fazeela Abbasi, the sister of renowned actor Hamza Ali Abbasi, has revealed a hitherto unknown facet of his life. Fazeela claimed that Hamza was diagnosed with kidney disease as a child. She revealed the specifics in an honest podcast interview, emphasising Hamza’s strength and tenacity in the face of a difficult medical condition.

“Not a lot of people know, but he had kidney failure when he was very young,” she said of the diagnosis. I can’t recall how young he was – I was in matric, and he’s nine years younger…I wasn’t a doctor at the time, but I recall his diagnosis of glomerulonephritis; his kidneys just stopped working for no apparent reason.” The precise illness Hamza was diagnosed with, glomerulonephritis, is an acute inflammation of the kidneys.

“He was very young,” she explained about her brother’s condition and personality. He received numerous steroid injections, and God gave him a fresh lease on life. He gained some weight. He would, however, imitate cartoons, act, and manufacture swords…He was a persona. He is now extremely grown and sober, yet he was so mischievous.”

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Fazeela later praised her loving brother, saying, “If I say one thing about my brother, he’s very honest, he’s very humble, he’s very straightforward, and he’s extremely soft-hearted.” He’s so gentle that I occasionally find myself saying, ‘Excuse me?!’ You must deal with this with a firm hand. ‘Hamza, what exactly is this?’ He’s a kind guy.”

The little excerpt underlined the elder sister’s affection for her younger brother. It is worth noting that she has repeatedly made a point of standing up for her family out of love. In a recent internet outpouring, Hamza’s wife, actor Naimal Khawar Abbasi, became a target of conjecture. Many people assumed Naimal had surgery, and many others pointed fingers at her dermatologist sister-in-law.

She did, however, issue an official correction through her company profile. “Dr Fazeela Abbasi & DFA Clinic is officially releasing the disclaimer for not performing any aesthetic or surgical procedure in order to address the recently arose controversy regarding a specific surgery/procedure,” it said. This ridiculous criticism and speculation is unfounded and completely unnecessary. It’s incredibly awful and surprising how unjustified and misleading conclusions are generated and propagated on social media to damage people’s reputations and infiltrate their personal and professional life.”

The revelation regarding Hamza’s earlier health struggles provides a view into a different aspect of the actor’s life, highlighting his bravery and dedication in conquering a difficult medical issue at such an early age. Hamza has acquired enormous recognition and respect among fans for his remarkable performances in Pakistani cinema and television. This new information sheds light on his personal struggles, endearing him to his admirers and inspiring love for his positive attitude on life.









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