Hamza Ali Abbasi Strongly Condemns ‘Item Numbers’ in Resurfaced Interview

Web DeskFebruary 3, 2024
Hamza Ali Abbasi Strongly Condemns 'Item Numbers' in Resurfaced Interview

In a recently surfaced video, prominent Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi took a firm stance against item number songs, sparking a viral debate on social media. The video, featuring Hamza, Hania Aamir, and Ahad Raza Mir in conversation with Momin Ali Munshi, captured Hamza expressing his disapproval of item numbers.

Hamza unequivocally stated, “I don’t support item numbers,” emphasizing that such songs typically consist of sexually provocative lyrics and clothing. He dismissed the notion of a blurred line between vulgar and sexy, stating, “Now don’t do this that there is a thin blurry line between vulgar and hot and sexy.”

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Hania joined in agreement with Hamza, and when the conversation shifted, Hamza criticized talk shows for posing hypothetical questions about choosing between stars. When Momin redirected the discussion to the issue at hand, Hamza asserted that overtly sexual songs should be categorized as regular songs, not item numbers.

Providing examples, Hamza highlighted explicit lyrics like “Aa supari hoon, chaba le mujhe,” questioning their implicit sexual content. He argued against the commonly drawn distinctions between hot, vulgar, and sexy, stating, “We’ve reassured ourselves by saying one is hot, one is vulgar, one is sexy – there is no such line.”

In the circulating clip, Ahad Raza Mir remained a silent observer during the brief but impactful discussion.

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