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Hareem Shah Requests Police Protection Post ‘Harassment’ Incident in UK

Hareem Shah Requests Police Protection Post 'Harassment' Incident in UK

Viral TikToker Hareem Shah has sought and been granted police protection in London following alleged harassment and threats from individuals claiming she defrauded them of over £5,000, as revealed by the social media star in an interview with a local news publication.

Shah vehemently refuted videos and pictures circulating on social media from anonymous accounts, dismissing them as deepfake. She accused British Pakistani individuals behind the harassment, labeling them as members of the “mafia” with ties to various political parties.

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Having relocated from Bahawalpur, Pakistan, to Manchester and then to London a year ago to escape harassment, Shah denied the theft accusations, questioning why her accusers didn’t approach the police if they genuinely believed she had stolen from them.

Filing a defamation suit against those targeting her on social media, Shah expressed gratitude for the police protection and financial assistance provided. She also revealed her involvement with a women’s rights group, using her platform to advocate for women’s issues.

Known for her controversial presence on TikTok, X, and YouTube, Shah continues to navigate challenges in the public eye while striving to address allegations and seek legal recourse.