Hareem Shah’s Husband Allegedly Kidnapped in Karachi

Web DeskSeptember 3, 2023
Hareem Shah's Husband Allegedly Kidnapped in Karachi

TikToker Hareem Shah has made a troubling statement claiming that her husband, Bilal Shah, has been abducted in Karachi.

According to her video statement, Bilal Shah had been in London with her just last week, but upon his arrival in Karachi, he was allegedly apprehended by individuals in plain clothes.

Hareem Shah added that eyewitnesses to the abduction reported that some unidentified individuals came to Dala and took her husband away.

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She emphasized that she is unaware of the identity of those involved in the alleged kidnapping and appealed to law enforcement agencies for the safe recovery of her husband.

Furthermore, Hareem Shah clarified that her husband has no affiliations with any political activities. She mentioned that a petition has already been filed in court seeking her husband’s safe return.

Sources indicate that Bilal Shah is undergoing questioning related to Hareem Shah’s Twitter account. Hareem Shah also disassociated herself from an account spreading controversial content, asserting that she does not know who is managing it.

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