Health Card Program Revived in KP After Negotiations

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The caretaker government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has taken steps to reinstate the health card program, a significant initiative aimed at providing essential medical coverage. Spearheading this effort is Dr. Riyaz Anwar, the caretaker advisor to the Chief Minister (CM), who successfully negotiated with an insurance company to revive the program.

Driven by the CM’s instructions, Dr. Anwar engaged in productive discussions with the insurance company to address financial challenges that had hindered the health card program. Overcoming these obstacles, the negotiations have resulted in the program’s continuation. In a week’s time, the outstanding financial obligations owed to the insurance company will be settled, as confirmed by Dr. Anwar.
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Dr. Anwar emphasized that prioritizing the restoration of the health card program is crucial, as it ensures that the residents of the province have access to free medical treatment. He clarified that the program’s temporary suspension was not due to service termination but rather a result of financial difficulties.

Recognizing the need for improvements, Dr. Anwar highlighted ongoing efforts to refine the program’s processes and streamline its operations. This renewed commitment to enhancing the health card initiative aims to facilitate smoother healthcare access for the people of KP.

Reflecting the positive outcome of the negotiations, the insurance company released an official statement reaffirming its dedication to reinstating the health card service. This initiative holds the potential to benefit a significant number of individuals in the province, underscoring the importance of accessible healthcare within the region.

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