Hina Bayat’s Insight: We call ourselves Muslims but don’t want to understand Islam

Web DeskDecember 15, 2023
Hina Bayat's Insight: We call ourselves Muslims but don't want to understand Islam

In a segment from the Adnan Faisal Podcast, Hina Bayat discussed the notion of claiming religious identity without a genuine understanding of the principles and directives outlined by one’s faith. The actor expressed concern, stating, “We want to call ourselves Muslims but we don’t want to understand Islam.” She added that people tend to enforce fatwas without comprehending the context, simply because they’ve heard about it.

Reflecting on her personal experiences, Hina shared how she faced taunts after her husband’s passing. She recounted the criticism she received for not observing Iddat, with people questioning her love for her husband and making derogatory remarks about her appearance. Hina clarified that Iddat has specific conditions and is not mandatory, especially for women who have responsibilities like running a household or caring for children.

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Drawing on historical context, she mentioned instances from the Prophet Muhammad’s time when women had to bury their husbands during times of war. Hina challenged societal beliefs, such as the idea that women cannot visit graveyards, questioning the basis of such restrictions. She emphasized that mourning practices should be understood in their proper context and not blindly followed based on cultural norms.

Addressing another topic, Hina differentiated between regular music and inciting music, noting that the latter is prohibited, as opposed to music in general. When asked about the criticism she faced for continuing to work after her husband’s death, she pointed out that the primary issue was related to not completing her Iddat. Hina questioned the logic of sitting idle at home and causing harm to oneself and others, highlighting the importance of considering the impact on those dependent on her. She defended her decision to continue working, citing an ongoing project that required her participation and would have affected many people had she not been involved.

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