Historic Mosque in Indian Capital Demolished Despite Centuries-Old Legacy

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Historic Mosque in Indian Capital Demolished Despite Centuries-Old Legacy

Israel is reportedly considering expanding its military operations in Gaza towards the southern region near the Egyptian border. The move follows Israel’s claim of success in dismantling Hamas in Khan Younis. Defense Minister Yoav Gallant asserts that the achievements in Khan Younis pave the way for further advancements, particularly towards Rafah in the southern enclave.

Health officials in Gaza have reported a confirmed Palestinian death toll exceeding 27,000, with additional casualties suspected to be under the rubble. The dire humanitarian situation in Gaza is exacerbated by over half of its 2.3 million population seeking shelter in the southern area, facing challenges like cold and hunger in makeshift tents and public buildings.

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Qatari and Egyptian mediators are actively engaged in diplomatic efforts to achieve a ceasefire. A proposed plan involves a phased approach, with an initial 40-day period for ceasing hostilities. During this phase, Hamas would release remaining civilians among the captives it holds, with subsequent phases addressing the handover of Israeli soldiers and deceased captives. However, Hamas has yet to formally respond to the proposal, seeking guarantees against the resumption of hostilities.

Ceasefire hopes briefly surfaced after remarks by a Qatari spokesman in Washington, but Qatari officials and Hamas advisers clarified that no response had been provided yet. Despite international appeals, the situation on the ground remains tense, with Israeli forces reportedly intensifying attacks around hospitals in Khan Younis and escalating combat near Rafah.

Efforts from Israel’s main ally, the United States, to ease the plight of Gaza’s civilians have shown limited success. The U.S. is exerting indirect pressure, with President Joe Biden issuing an executive order targeting Jewish settlers involved in violence against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

Meanwhile, the U.S. believes that Iran may be responsible for a drone attack in Jordan that resulted in the death of three U.S. soldiers. The U.S. is contemplating potential responses, including strikes on Iranian personnel and facilities in Iraq and Syria. The broader Middle East remains a focal point, with ongoing U.S. strikes against the Houthi movement in Yemen, linked to their actions in solidarity with Gaza.

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