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Housing Societies in Islamabad to Assume Solid Waste Management Charges

Housing Societies in Islamabad to Assume Solid Waste Management Charges

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) in Islamabad is taking proactive steps to tackle solid waste management challenges by introducing new regulations for housing societies across the city.

These regulations entail the implementation of charges for solid waste management services by the CDA, particularly targeting new housing societies. The aim is to streamline waste disposal practices and foster environmental sustainability within the city.

Under the regulatory framework, each housing society is mandated to submit a detailed plan to the CDA, outlining the establishment of solid waste disposal sites within their premises. These plans will undergo rigorous evaluation by key stakeholders within the CDA, including the Director of Housing Societies, Director of Regional Planning, and the Sanitation Department. Furthermore, input from the Environment Department of the CDA will be sought to ensure compliance with environmental standards and regulations.

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Housing societies will be entrusted with the responsibility of setting up and maintaining waste disposal sites for all residential units under their jurisdiction. Additionally, they will bear the associated expenses for waste management services, thereby contributing to the city’s sustainability endeavors.

To enforce compliance, housing societies failing to procure necessary permits will be barred from utilizing CDA’s dumping sites for waste disposal. Instead, they will be mandated to manage solid waste within their premises until formal approval is granted by the CDA. These measures are geared towards fostering responsible waste management practices and ensuring the effective implementation of environmental regulations within Islamabad’s housing societies.