HSY’s Response Reflects Indian Industry Stand on Uorfi Javed

Web DeskDecember 20, 2023
HSY's Response Reflects Indian Industry Stand on Uorfi Javed

Renowned Pakistani fashion icon and TV host, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY), sparked discussions with his recent appearance on Public Demand alongside Mohsin Abbas Haider. In the conversation, HSY revealed his lack of familiarity with Indian influencer Uorfi Javed, stressing his commitment to Pakistan’s entertainment industry.

Responding to queries about Uorfi, HSY admitted his limited awareness of her, citing his restricted knowledge of ongoing developments in India’s entertainment realm. While the panel comedians bantered about the influencer, HSY inquired, “Who is she?” Mohsin described her as an aspiring actor known for wearing revealing attire. In response, HSY confessed, “I surprisingly know very little about the Indian industry. Unfortunately.”

Further elaborating, HSY suggested mirroring the attention given by India to Pakistan’s entertainment sphere, emphasizing his dedication to the Pakistani industry. He highlighted the reciprocal nature of respect, stating, “If someone isn’t giving us that respect, why should we?” Mohsin cited acclaimed Pakistani artists acknowledged in India, including Atif Aslam, Mehdi Hassan, and Noor Jehan, acknowledging HSY as a representative on international platforms.

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Delving into the historical exchange of talent between the countries, HSY expressed discontent with India’s current political policies, restricting collaborations with Pakistani artists. He emphasized the lack of issues between artists but lamented the political stance that inhibits artistic collaborations solely based on nationality.

HSY’s perspective centered on the need for mutual respect in nurturing cross-border artistic bonds, highlighting the importance of recognizing talent irrespective of geopolitical barriers.

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