Huda Kattan continues her support of Palestine despite threats

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Huda Kattan continues her support of Palestine despite threats

Huda Kattan, the visionary founder behind the iconic makeup brand Huda Beauty, finds herself at the center of a maelstrom as she stands firm in her unwavering support for Palestine, even at the potential risk of her entire business empire. The 40-year-old Iraqi-American mogul’s vocal stance on Israel’s actions in Gaza has propelled her into a spotlight marked by threats, controversy, and staunch advocacy for truth and justice.

In a recent TikTok video shared on December 11, Kattan resolutely underscored her commitment, framing her outspokenness against Israel’s incursion into Gaza as an act of defending humanity rather than wrongdoing.


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“I refuse to be intimidated,” declared Kattan in the video. “My aim is to stand up for humanity. Fear of loss should not deter us, as doing what’s right will bring us what’s meant for us.”

Expressing a willingness to imperil her business pursuits in pursuit of truth and justice, Kattan condemned any attempts to manipulate terms concerning ethnic cleansing and genocide.

Despite the immense stakes at play, with her cosmetics empire valued at a staggering $1.2 billion and a colossal Instagram following of 54 million, Kattan remains steadfast in articulating her views online, vehemently refuting any allegations of antisemitism.

“I stand against all forms of hate,” asserted Kattan, expressing genuine concern for the plight of innocent Palestinian civilians and the potential impact on Jewish individuals due to the Israeli government’s actions.

Criticizing the government’s alleged use of religion and individuals as human shields, Kattan amplified her focus on the suffering of innocents. Her resolute stance attracted an outpouring of support in the comments section, with numerous individuals praising her courage and ethical principles, vowing allegiance to her product line.

This is not the first time Kattan has faced backlash for her opposition to Israeli actions. Previously, she courted controversy when an Israeli supporter accused her of favoring Gaza over Israeli customers, prompting a petition calling for the removal of Huda Beauty products from US stores.

Undeterred by challenges, Kattan recently announced a remarkable $1 million donation to Gaza’s humanitarian efforts through Human Appeal and Doctors Without Borders, solidifying her unwavering commitment to aiding those affected by the conflict.

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