Humaima Malick Questions Unequal Criticism on Revealing Attire

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Humaima Malick Questions Unequal Criticism on Revealing Attire

In a candid conversation on Mooroo Podcasts, Humaima Malick opened up about the pervasive issue of moral policing, shedding light on the criticism she and her family often endure from online detractors. She passionately shared her insights on the imperative need for individual respect and the prevalence of hypocrisy within the realm of social media.

Humaima commenced the discussion by highlighting the relentless and often harsh criticism that individuals, particularly public figures, are subjected to in the digital sphere. “People are more than ready to dish out criticism,” she remarked, revealing the intrusive nature of online scrutiny that often extends judgment to family members. Instances were shared where her brother, Feroze Khan, who is “religious”, often becomes the target of criticism by being tagged under her pictures or vice versa.

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The star shared, “They’ll say, ‘Tell your brother, look at what he’s doing.’ If my brother is religious, they’ll tag him under my pictures, or they’ll tag me in one of my brother’s posts.” Stressing the importance of recognizing everyone as distinct individuals, Humaima pointed out, “We’re individuals, okay? I am my own person, he is responsible for his own character, right?” While commending her brother’s character, she sternly denounced the inappropriate linkage of their actions by online critics. “But I don’t think the people who sit and write these things, that I should see what I’m doing, etc., this is really wrong,” she asserted, calling for a more nuanced and considerate approach to scrutinizing public figures.

The actor went on to raise concerns about the selective criticism she receives compared to other Pakistani stars. Humaima questioned the disproportionate focus on her choices, stating, “You’ll comment on my clothes. There are many Pakistani actresses who do dramas and wear far more open clothes than I do. But no one talks about them. I don’t know why my [choices] are made into a huge deal,” underscoring the need for fairness and equality in judgment. She added, “People, on their wedding days, wear ghagra cholis. Their stomach is showing or anything is showing. Why criticise me only? People do need to think about this.”

In an impassioned plea, Humaima urged individuals to reflect on their actions and mindset, questioning the motivations behind the negative comments. “People do need to think about this. You’re sitting at home, from behind a screen, on your keyboard, just writing. What kind of mindset and jahalat do you have that you’re sitting in one place abusing other people? What a frustrated population” she stated, highlighting the frustration and toxicity behind online criticism. She also drew attention to the paradoxical behavior of individuals who, despite being critical online, approach celebrities in person as fans, asking for selfies. “And when they meet you, they’ll pretend to be your fan. ‘Madam, may we take a selfie?'” she mimicked.

Previously, on Hasna Mana Hai, Humaima opened up about her struggle with mental health. She admitted, “I was in severe depression. I didn’t know, I’d keep working throughout, I didn’t realize, and I didn’t dislike anything. Any small sentiment would make me cry. Now, after my treatment, this has become really, really better. I’m a joyful, playful girl, but it takes a minute for me to cry. I can cry, I have the emotions inside me, but I don’t cry at every particular thing happening around me.”

The actor expressed how her director, Anjum Shahzad, and renowned doctors played a pivotal role in her healing journey. Furthermore, she shared that she no longer experiences sadness and breathes with a sense of tranquility, emphasizing the transformative influence of these individuals on her well-being.

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