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Humayun Saeed Praises Yumna Zaidi’s Dedication Behind the Scene

Humayun Saeed Praises Yumna Zaidi's Dedication Behind the Scenes

In the aftermath of the premiere of “Gentleman,” the latest project featuring television and film luminary Humayun Saeed, the actor showered praise on his co-star Yumna Zaidi for her stellar performance and unwavering work ethic.

In their inaugural on-screen collaboration, Humayun, renowned for his role in “Mere Paas Tum Ho,” lauded Yumna’s punctuality and dedication to her craft. He expressed his delight at finding a kindred spirit in Yumna, emphasizing the importance of these shared values in the industry.

During an interview with Ambreen Fatima on her official YouTube channel, Humayun highlighted Yumna’s reputation for exceptional acting prowess. He admitted that while he had always admired her work, witnessing her commitment firsthand on set left a lasting impression.

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Yumna, celebrated for her captivating portrayal in “Tere Bin,” assumes the role of Zarnab, a journalist, opposite Humayun’s character Munna in “Gentleman.” According to Humayun, Yumna was the obvious choice for the role, given her illustrious track record in the industry.

Consulting Yumna about the project, Humayun was confident that she was the perfect fit for the part. Upon reading the script, Yumna enthusiastically embraced the challenge, recognizing the depth and quality of the writing.

While remaining tight-lipped about the show’s plot details, Humayun teased a compelling narrative with multi-dimensional characters that would captivate audiences. He hinted at an intriguing character arc for his role as Munna, promising viewers an engaging viewing experience.

“Gentleman” marks Humayun’s return to television after a three-year hiatus, generating considerable excitement among fans. With the first episode already aired and subsequent episodes scheduled for weekly releases, the collaboration between Humayun and Yumna has generated significant buzz, heightening anticipation for the unfolding story.